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I’ve heard some humans say you can’t walk big puppies because we have bodyparts that don’t fit together that well, and we grow too fast to even notice ourselves. I think my humans missed this information, because they take me to different places every week! …that’s how I grow my insane, overpowering muscles and learn to take down prey such as other puppies, small streams and random children!

I met my sister this weekend. Man, was she annoyed with me! I can’t remember what I did wrong when we were still inside the puppy room at the breeders, I must have chewed on her too hard or maybe she’s just trying to make up for the fact the I. AM. AWESOME.
I licked her face, I sniffed her bum, I bowed down.. anything I’ve learned from other dogs! She wasn’t having any of it, so then I just started pestering her properly. You can never pester anyone too much (unless they are older, faster and louder than you, like Bella‘s brother Alfie).

I met these two dogs two days after this picture was taken too, and got to play loads with the big girl!

In this park I managed to knock a kid over too! Wohoo success! You really have to wait for the right moment, when your humans think you might behave and they get to be proud of you, then….STRIKE! Tap them on the forehead with your nose and just enjoy what happens next. Kid will make a funny sound, funny movement, AND your human will chase you!
I also did the same in Oaxley woods when walking with Bella. My slow human didn’t even have the camera with her, but Bella’s human was well trained and managed to take a picture of my human being embarassed and my victory over the kid:

This same day, oh man, we found….wait for iiiiit…. A MUD BATH!!!!!
I’ve only ever seen them on YouTube and got very excited. It felt fun, tasted nice and made awesome noises when we splashed our feet in it. Some boring humans of course had to interrupt then fun when they walked by in light coloured clothes and my human got worried I would jump on them with muddy feet. Tsk…. Like I would EVER do that….
I feel fat after one week of no exercise!

Bella’s human also took this picture of me, very proud of my new socks:

What else, what else..
Oh, yeah, I met Bella’s big brother. He was big and all! I tried to wrestle him but no success. I can’t believe how a stick or a ball can be more interesting than ME! I tried to carry the stick a couple of times to get attention though, and it worked (to a certain degree). That got boring quickly so I decided to chase Bella down instead.

(Alfie over there to the left!)

When I have TOO. MUCH. FUN I don’t know what to do with myself! Basically, the best solution is to grab the nearest whatever and sink my teeth into it. To relieve extra stress, growl and roar vigorously! Shake head if needed! ROAARRR!
I do this to my humans in obedience class when they frustrate me with their silly tricks and bad instructions. They say it might be a “puppy thing” but we’ll see! Not easy to contain myself when my brain is frying! 😀




Yesterday Marvel and I went for a walk to the Thames (I feel like that will become the most typed sentence on this blog!) again. We’d only gotten onto the walkway next to the river when we met a guy with a little mix breed male dog which looked old and it was off the leash, very well behaved. I asked if it was friendly and he said yes, the dog was calm so we went to say hello. He was 7 years old and a good example. Marvel was super happy with meeting someone his own size and tried to play with the old man, which wasn’t too interested in him. They sniffed about for a bit and then we said goodbye while things were still going well.
Socialization wise it’s progressing, he is less sceptical of people now and more inclined to walk towards them than shying away from them. “Hopefully” our next problem will rather be pulling on the leash than being worried about items and creatures.

In the evening we had some friends (5) come over for some wine, an interesting experience for Marvel who’s never seen anyone inside our house for more than five minutes. He was absolutely extatic and ofc wanted to eat the shoes of our friend that was a bit scared of him. We had to watch him with hawk eyes, but he was not really any worse than when he is home alone with us, just trying on the same thing with more people really. He did not go into “frenzy mode” which was a relief as I wanted him to make a good impression on our friends 😉 But you never know with puppies. He had a couple of time outs and it worked allright. After about 1,5-2 hours he fell asleep on the rug with one of our friends sitting with him lying between her legs.

Today he was tired when he woke up and he’s been quite a handfull during the day. Steve and I went to the Thames walkway around 8PM and we met a nice little staff-mix bitch that was 8 years old. She was very well trained and socialized and the owner told us she’s helped play with and socialize most of the dogs that live in our area. Good to see him get yet another good experience with a dog. After that we turned back home and we met some kids that were running like madmen down the pavement, they asked if they could pet him and that was ok. He was already quite interested in them. The two boys were fantastic with him, very natural behaviour with dogs (they said they’ve got a dogge de bordeaux at home), one of them even laid down on the ground and had Marvel crawling all over him! Ahh, them days where you were a kid and you would lie down on random places like a pavement…hehe.
Came home, he went ballistic in the garden with a plastic plant pot and now he’s crashed out, sleeping.

Puppy group socialization


Yesterday we finally got a reply from one of the six (!) dog trainers and schools I’ve emailed, and luckily it was the one closest to us (it’s in Bexleyheath). They could inform me that they had a puppy group the same night, next week and then a puppy class that starts on the 1st of August.
So we went along, I think there was 10 puppies in total, with their owners and some kids. Most people had their partner with them or kids, which was good. Marvel was a bit sneaky on the way in, body lowered towards the ground and waving back and forth a bit. Then when we got inside the big room where it was held and he saw all the dogs and people he figured it was definitely safest to be between Steve’s legs! Next to us there was a little JRT bitch and they sniffed each other, and on the other side was a 21 weeks old Akita, she was massive!

It was like a stone fell from my heart when he warmed up (after about five minutes) and started being excited about the people and the other puppies instead of lurking around the edges. They were all on the leash so no bashing about was alloved, they got to greet, sniff, check each other out and be happy, but we walked away as soon as there was any barking or they got a bit overheated.
He did so well! I’m very happy and proud, Steve and I spoke about it in the car on the way home and we are definitely gonna go next week too. Nothing better than seeing the tail in the air, wagging happily.

Marvel absolutely fell in love with the Akita girl, she was nice and laid down to play so that the smaller dogs would come over and greet her. I think they would have had a blast if they were off the leash together, hehe.
It was nice to see that he was nice to the other dogs to, he wasn’t a bully and he wasn’t insecure.

We signed up for the puppy course in August, so that gives us a couple of weeks to get to know each other better and just generally make him more comfortable with everything.

Boerboel Marvel


It’s day four of our new life!

So far he is very good indoors, except for when he’s tired or in the morning when he’s woken up and needs to release energy. The most popular target is the sofa! He is so agile and athletic he has got no problem whatsoever with jumping straight onto the sofa, he doesn’t even need to climb or drag himself up. We’ve found that the most effective punishment when he doesn’t listen to our warnings is a timout in the kitchen (he gets three chances before he goes in the kitchen). He’s learning which is nice, no one likes having a warzone in their livingroom!
We can’t complain, obviously any puppy will misbehave at certain times during the day, so we’re just working on picking certain behaviours off him. He’s got a strong opinion of what he wants, so it’s a battle of wills! 😀

Outdoors he is a bit more of a chicken, he is a bit unsure of new things and his back fur stands straight in the air if there’s something he’s reacting to.
So far our strategy is to ignore silly behaviour, stopping every 5 metres to look back is not an option, and we just pass people and objects and reward good behaviour. He’s allowed to check things out but not stand and stare for ages.

On our way back in this morning we met the neighbour and her JRT bitch, she said hello to Marvel and he was mega happy! Ahh it warmed my heart seeing his tail in the air, wagging about, checking out the neighbour. We’ve greeted a couple of people on the street before, but today he was alot more confident and interested which is good.

Now he’s been asleep for 1,5 hours so I expect he’ll wake up soon and be ready for some more mischief!