Marvel is from Claymore kennel, and he is a boerboel (south African mastiff).
He was born on the 26th of April and he’s got 5 sisters and 5 brothers.

We both wanted a large dog, but struggled to find a breed with good health or little health issues. Earlier on we had briefly looked at the breed, but not considered it properly. After looking more into mastiffs and dogs with stronger guarding instincts than what maybe I personally would have chosen straight away, we decided to go and look at some boerboels and find out more about them. After the visit to Claymore’s I was confident we could take one on, and so we did!

He was 10 weeks when we picked him up (we were away on a long scheduled holiday), and he weighed 14,5kg then. We’re gonna try and record his growth every week and keep track of it.
10 weeks – 32 lbs (14,5kg)
13 weeks – 42,7 lbs  (19,5kg)
15 weeks – 50 lbs (23,6kg)
17 weeks – 63 lbs (28kg)
18 weeks – 65,2 lbs (29,6kg)
26 weeks (1 week off 6 months) – 88,6 lbs (40,2kg)

His mother Frenchie (picture taken by Claymore Boerboel).

Father Dico (pictures taken by his owner, Anuska Udink van Yperen), from Holland.


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