I’ve heard some humans say you can’t walk big puppies because we have bodyparts that don’t fit together that well, and we grow too fast to even notice ourselves. I think my humans missed this information, because they take me to different places every week! …that’s how I grow my insane, overpowering muscles and learn to take down prey such as other puppies, small streams and random children!

I met my sister this weekend. Man, was she annoyed with me! I can’t remember what I did wrong when we were still inside the puppy room at the breeders, I must have chewed on her too hard or maybe she’s just trying to make up for the fact the I. AM. AWESOME.
I licked her face, I sniffed her bum, I bowed down.. anything I’ve learned from other dogs! She wasn’t having any of it, so then I just started pestering her properly. You can never pester anyone too much (unless they are older, faster and louder than you, like Bella‘s brother Alfie).

I met these two dogs two days after this picture was taken too, and got to play loads with the big girl!

In this park I managed to knock a kid over too! Wohoo success! You really have to wait for the right moment, when your humans think you might behave and they get to be proud of you, then….STRIKE! Tap them on the forehead with your nose and just enjoy what happens next. Kid will make a funny sound, funny movement, AND your human will chase you!
I also did the same in Oaxley woods when walking with Bella. My slow human didn’t even have the camera with her, but Bella’s human was well trained and managed to take a picture of my human being embarassed and my victory over the kid:

This same day, oh man, we found….wait for iiiiit…. A MUD BATH!!!!!
I’ve only ever seen them on YouTube and got very excited. It felt fun, tasted nice and made awesome noises when we splashed our feet in it. Some boring humans of course had to interrupt then fun when they walked by in light coloured clothes and my human got worried I would jump on them with muddy feet. Tsk…. Like I would EVER do that….
I feel fat after one week of no exercise!

Bella’s human also took this picture of me, very proud of my new socks:

What else, what else..
Oh, yeah, I met Bella’s big brother. He was big and all! I tried to wrestle him but no success. I can’t believe how a stick or a ball can be more interesting than ME! I tried to carry the stick a couple of times to get attention though, and it worked (to a certain degree). That got boring quickly so I decided to chase Bella down instead.

(Alfie over there to the left!)

When I have TOO. MUCH. FUN I don’t know what to do with myself! Basically, the best solution is to grab the nearest whatever and sink my teeth into it. To relieve extra stress, growl and roar vigorously! Shake head if needed! ROAARRR!
I do this to my humans in obedience class when they frustrate me with their silly tricks and bad instructions. They say it might be a “puppy thing” but we’ll see! Not easy to contain myself when my brain is frying! 😀


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  1. Hahaha, for noen herlige blinkskudd av Marvel og Co 🙂 Han blir jo bare større og finere for hver gang jeg leser bloggen 😛 (Ja – jeg er en sånn “valperersøte,menlikerbestvoksnehunder”-person) :))

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