*cough cough*


Hello pesants, it’s me again!

Last week wasn’t too good for me as I started coughing and sneezing. My humans sighed and said it’s kennel cough. We’d just come home from obedience class number one when my nose started running and through the night I felt more and more slimey. The next day I started coughing a little, but nothing too extensive. It was worse that my “cherry eye” popped out! My humans were freaked out and I got lots of attention and cuddles 😀 I didn’t even know it was there, but I like this “cherry eye”, whatever it is! Any attention is good attention in my book. They called the vets and got an appointment for me two days later, but if popped back in after a few minutes all by itself.

Still, they insisted on taking me to the vets. What is this sorcery!
So, we went (I didn’t poo in the van this time as I was occupied with thinking about going to see the vet), and he touched me everywhere. I was good and found the whole thing a bit boring to be honest, the only thing in there to play with was a disgusting bin with disinfective wipes and a chair! Please can someone notify them and tell them it’s not really up to dog standard.
He also stuck something up my…!! Yeah!! I know. Oh lordi dordi, that was unexpected. Fair enough they keep touching my balls every evening but at leat they don’t stick things up THERE! Then they said my “temperature was normal” and I didn’t need any medication for my cough and no surgery on my eye.
Happy days!

My human had visitors over this weekend too, it’s hard for me as a guard dog to know who’s coming and going in this house! So I’ve given up and just try to get treats and cuddles now. I heard someone mumbling it might change when “my balls switch on”, but I didn’t understand what it means.
I was on my best behaviour and the people liked me, even after looking after me while my humans went to work one of the days. I had to try it on though, you know, push it a little bit, but sadly they knew about my timeout leash.

Other than that it’s been boring lately, no walks for me as I’ve been “contageous”. I’m pretty much back to normal now though so I get to leave the house again.
Tomorrow we are gonna train with Bella, although I will do my best to try playing with her! Need to burn some energy! Here’s Bella last night with her stick:

And me today making sure my human is safe:

PS: Oh, just remembered one last thing. My girly human has got this very bad behaviour. She keeps going over all my hard work of making the house nice and tries to undo it! She uses things that stinks, from bottles, and rubs cloths everywhere. It’s not even a funny game and even if it was, I’m not alloved to join in. Sometimes she turns on this big toy she’s got (worst “toy” in the world if you ask me), it’s incredibly noisy and she rubs it over the rug and the floor, intensely watching it?! I think she’s getting obsessed and I want to stop it now, before it’s too late. Also I don’t like my house stinking of flowers and apples.
Any help or ideas? Does your human have similar behaviour?


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  1. We’re doing training tomorrow? Seven more sleeps … Really ? *wag wag wag*
    Here’s the plan … you train the lead pull and biting. I’ll train the lead pull and barking. *waggy tail*

  2. Haha, godt mulig Venus vil si det samme om meg, når det kommer til rengjøring. Krysser fingrene for at lille Marvel holder seg frisk og at kjertelen i øyet holder seg på plass, der den skal være 🙂

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