Hot stuff


I know I’m African (well… many generations ago!) but I struggle with this heat. I get too hot to want to do anything, and I quite happily crash out in the bathroom. My humans don’t understand that this is comfy and cools me down, they keep trying to call me over to cuddle me (eek! Tough boys don’t cuddle!) and put me on the warm bed or sofa.

Yesterday we went to Foots Cray Meadows again to socialize the humans. It was my humans, Vinnies human and Tanks two humans. Nice group of humans! My idiot humans ran out of food for the car on our way over and had to call Vinnies human who took one of my humans to the nearest gas station. How embarassing, luckily I don’t think any of the other dogs saw me sitting there, stranded in my van..

I look very strange in this picture.

Tank and Vinnie disagreed over who was the coolest of them, but Tank won, and after that I ofc only wanted to play with Tank! We found the little river again and plunged into it (except Tank because even though he is the biggest and oldest, he is a wuss when it comes to the liquid stuff!). Vinnie got very excited and even managed to CROSS the stream and end up on the other side! I shouted to Vinnie there’s nothing to be afraid of (well, what do I know, I find it scary 50/50 of the time myself, but!) and he came back over.

I let Tank wrestle me and I ofc kept winning all the time:

I’m a bit annoyed because my human forgot to record in HD! But what can you expect from their pea sized brain.

The girly human come home one day and said she’d bought me something new. I got very excited! What could it be?! Pigs ear, a soft toy to rip apart, a ball maybe? One of her old shoes? But no, nooooo, never anything fun for me!
This is what the plonker bought me:

A metal lead!! I solved the problem by biting on their clothes instead.

Went for a walk in the Lesnes Abbey Woods again today, I met several dogs and they were all nice. I was on my best behaviour and listened to my humans when they called me, but made up for it by biting the girly human in the bum as we were leaving.

Check out the map of our walk!

Peace outtttt (oh well, until level 1 class tonight!).


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  1. That sofa looks really, really comfy … I might have to go and try and get on MY one again. *sigh* How do you do it! Did you bite clothes to get up there?

    • It’s THE BEST sofa!! Well, first I tried to be annoying, then when that didn’t work I went for the “look sad and lonely” strategy which worked! I think my humans are quite weak and soft-hearted in some areas anyway so they CAN be manipulated! .. I also heard they saying they wanted to “cuddle” me so I knew I’d won.

  2. I love sleeping on tiles too. When I was a pup all I wanted was to stay with mummy and daddy at night but they tried to make me sleep downstairs. But now that I am big (well 9 months) they don’t mind if I sleep in their room where I’d rather sleep downstairs where its cool. Aren’t humans silly!

    • I know, they make rules, then change them whenever it suits them. Very confusing and unfair! Sometimes it’s to my advantage though 😀 (I’m typing from the sofa again).

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