All with dog intentions


I’ll explain something to you. I do everything with dog intentions. My humans don’t seem to get this. I do what pleases me, and what I think will get me furthest in life! This is how my brain works and I don’t intend to change!
– If I fart directly in your face when we are cuddling in bed and you are stooooopid enough to put your face behind my fantastic bum, don’t take it personal. I just needed to fart.
– If I chew your nice leather shoes, it’s only because they taste and smell more fun than the boring toy from P@H!
– Your phone will always be the best toy ever invented. Always. Ever.
– And when I don’t come when you call me…well, let’s just say the reward for running off it’s better than the one for listening!

I’ve had loads of fun since my last post!
Can I just say *clear throat* hem hem… persistence pays off! I’ve now managed to get on the sofa! Christ that took a long time, but I’m determined and the humans now think it’s all down to what THEY decided and wanted to do (I heard them whispering something about making sure of being able to control me when I start having “teenage riots”?!).

I went to visit Bella last week after human training class, and we played in her garden while the humans played their boring talk-games (someone needs to teach them to losen up and start using their teeth). Bella has got lots of grass in her garden and it was lovely to run around on. Her human is well trained and she gave me both water AND food! I chowed it all down in a second and turned on my cute handsome puppy stare to get more, but I didn’t. Bella also told me off for climbing on the steps into the kitchen but I didn’t really understand what the fuzz was about so I pretended to know what she was talking about and walked off.
We also got to play in a park close to where she lives on Sunday, it was a nice park and we also met a few other dogs (and many small dogs with old ladies on the lead!). We met a confused poodle who had lost his human and he was just running round and round in the park for almost an hour before he found his human! I never go far from my humans because I’m a wuss guard dog.
I got to play with Bella’s toy, although it was more to lure her close to me so I could jump on her.

Tried to catch her, and mainly failed succeeded all the time!

Got toed in the eye!

Making sure the peasants of my kingdom are behaving properly.

On Monday we went to a boerboel fun day arranged by the UKBC club. I met two of my brothers, my mum (she was grumpy with me so I had to suck up lots!) and two uncles. Also some half siblings of mine. I played with lots and lots of them and had a goooood time!
Here are some pictures, the rest can be seen on Facebook or Photobucket:
Me making a boy cuddle me (he lives with my mum)

My brother Bodhi, who lives in Essex.

My other brother Dexter, lives close to Gatwick

My mum Frenchie, had to pretend I was very tiny and defenseless here!

My uncle Tank, he was supercool and we played lots! I tried to knock him over but couldn’t 😦 So I played alienface instead.

My half brothers Bilbo and Vinnie

Cute Handsome me!


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  1. I was ”getting you back ” (see what I did there?) … well done on getting on the sofa. I’ve cracked the girl, I just need some tips for the man one. I think she’s going to give up her sofa for me, but I’ll not be allowed on his I think. She smells better anyway. I don’t mind. One sofa is all we need 🙂

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