My teeth are falling out!! Waaaah!!!


Hello, typing from my crate now as I have “gone to bed” for the night! Trying not to let my humans see the light from the laptop though.. I am very good at being quiet when up to mischief. Mischief Marvel they call me.
We went to the training class again tonight. I don’t like being in the car so I did a massive poo! It’s the third day in a row I’ve done this trick now but they still don’t learn and they still take me out in the car 😦 ARghgh! I think I might stick with this strategy for a while though, it seems to cause my humans grey hairs!

I rule my close and I make sure to show everyone I am the KING and the MASTER of Camelot Close, so I vigorously shake my lead whenever we come back from a walk! Or just whenever I get a bit excited and they don’t let me do what I want to do.. Like today when we did fetch the human in training class, I ran to Julie and I tried to grab her with my teeth and shake her like a lead but she didn’t understand. They suck these people, so slow!
We played the game where we lure as many treats from our humans as we can, and I did sit, down, and stand as much as I could! Then I wee’d on the floor again and some strange man held me while Julie was mopping away. He was fun and I wanted to chew on his arm. The instructor lady took me so that I could show all the other puppies how to walk the human on a lead without the human lagging behind and I did nicely, then I wanted to play and tried to play with her arm, but she didn’t want to! Why do they never want to PLAY properly!

I had to go to the Thames both yesterday and today. Yesterday was good and the wind wasn’t blowing, I was happily walking along and I got to sit on the bench and look at strange people. Some people even had wheels on their shoes and moved really fast! How odd! Do they not realize their feet can do the job for them?

Steve does well though!

I’m losing teeth and I don’t know why, Julie said I will get new ones but I don’t trust her. Maybe it’s an evil plan so that I won’t be able to chew my lead anymore? I’ve lost all the small ones at the front in both my upper and lower jaw and the new ones look cool and big!

PS: I stepped in poo yesterday and it was so exciting, I ran indoors and FLEW up onto the sofa with poo still under my paw and my gosh… dare I say my humans were pulling out hair! Moahahah! I’m not alloved on the sofa and certainly not with poo on me! They washed everything though, so all my hard work was for nothing.


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  1. I’m glad you haven’t got all your teeth at the moment ”chew face boy” !!! I’m losing mine too … when we started at the park the other day, I had 6 canines. I’ve got new ones coming in behind the little ones. When we got home, my human noticed that there were only four again! Now my bottom teeth look silly, the new ones are TINY at the moment …

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