O hai


Hello fellow piranhateeth-puppies!

I’m not very good with the camera yet.

My humans took me to the puppy class again last night. It was very exciting, it’s like a heaven of treats and other dogs to sniff and play with! I had to wear my collar though and not my harness since it’s in the class rules…  I don’t like it as when I try to jump on the other puppies it chokes me alot and I start coughing, poxy collar thing! Maybe I should just try to chew it off when they are not looking.. but I’ve notice they’ve got backup ones so there might not be any point.
I worked on teaching Steve how to walk behind me on the lead again, but he isn’t very good yet. He is very slow and struggles to keep up with my superpuppyspeed! I tried to lunge forward and pull him so he would understand, but he is a slow learner.
Then the teacher put out big orange cones, omg, I loved the cones! I just wanted to chew then and kick them around and I think the owners of the small fluffy dogs thought I was a bit silly! I don’t care, I got to carry the cone IN MY MOUTH!!
I managed to train Steve a bit with the “evil eye stare” and the treats are coming more rapidly now.
Then I switched over and trained with Julie for a bit, it was more boring and a little easier as the cones were taken away and I just kept sitting up and laying down to make her feed me treats.

I made sure to wee and also have a poo last minute on the floor, for good measure. I must mark this treat heaven place as my own!
The silly instructor woman told my humans to buy a chain lead for walking me to stop me biting the lead?! What’s this! Arghghg I’m not alloved ANY FUN!

We’ve compromised.  I get to sleep on the spare bed when they are playing on their boring computers, but only if I don’t play with the curtains or chew the blanket!

Yeah, by the way, Julie forced me to walk through this park the other day, I hated it! There was too much wind, too many trees, the grass was too long, there was no fun there and just too many worrying noises and smells! I tried to save us both by pulling as hard as I could to get out of there but Julie SAT DOWN and there was nothing I could do! I screamed for help but in the end I resigned between her legs and waited for death. Luckily Julie came to her senses before we were eaten by the wind and the trees and we left the little park.

Lounging outside.

Have to go now, I’m not really alloved on the computer! But the power cord is soooo tempting..

Edit: By the way, today I’m 15 weeks! I now weigh 23,6kg which equals 50 pounds!


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