Puppy class


Last Wednesday we went to puppy class, I was anxious to see how he would do! The format of the class is a little bit different than what I’d choose if I was doing a class myself, as the puppies are out for about 50 minutes, continuously training. It was the only one that was available in the area and it seeemed ok when we went there for the socialization group, so we went for it.
We worked on sit, down and walking on the lead. I do have to say he did really well and suprised me. He was excited at first but then realized he wouldn’t get to play and there was no point trying to run off.

He said hello to a little shih tzu that’s in our group and he was very gentle with it, no paws and didn’t get over excited. He looked a bit confused and it looked like he tried to figure out if this was a walking rug or a dog he could play with. In the end he just walked off to play with the vorsteh-puppy which has got a size more to his liking!
I cheated a little bit and during the day, before the class, and started trying to make him lie down using a treat. We have really brainwashed him with “sit”, in all sorts of different situations, so I was thinking the “down” would be tricky as he just offers a sit and lots of contact. Luckily he caught up with it pretty fast, so it was no problem working on it in class.
His brain was fried after we finished and he went straight to sleep in the crate in the van, didn’t even whine once.


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