Hi all!


Marvel here, reporting from week five in my new house!
My training of the humans is not always going according to plan, but I am succeeding with some things. I still can’t get on the darn sofa but I’m not giving up yet! It’s the best place in the house and I must lie there and rule the livingroom!

Here I am, trying to teach Julie to give me nice foods from the counter in the kitchen. Silly human just took a picture of me instead! Sometimes it works though, although I have to sit like a priest before I even get a dry little treat! Tough life, eh!

Some days ago we went to the big green place again (not sure if this was the same green place as the last time as they all look pretty much the same to me, with these massive sticks growing from the ground and lots of grass and people). I tried to carry one of these big sticks once actually but Julie laughed at me and said it was called a tree and I couldn’t have it?! Must work on this.
Anyway, all of a sudden we met Bella from the dog training and I got to play with her for a bit. We also met a guy who was blonde and I’m not sure what he was, but he found a cool toy and he was very fast! Bella is a month older than me so I made sure to run over her a couple of times to show her I’m not one to be forgotten about. But then she started just running fast around me in circles and I couldn’t keep up with my chunky, slow turning body… You wait Bella, gimme six months and I’ll be as athletic as an olympic gold medalist!

We found a poo and was about to roll in it, but we got stopped before we even got the chance! Arghghg!!

They drag me over to this walkway by the water most days and I get to see lots of people and also these things with weels and humans on them.

I’ve trained Steve to give me a cuddle and lots of treats now, whenever I sit down I just give him my evil stare and he quickly gets them out! Success!

Some man is in our house now, I think he is related to Steve so I tried to stare at him to give me treats, but he didn’t give me any. I did get a cuddle though, but he isn’t very easy to manipulate!
Oh and by the way, Julie tried to give me apple today! I ate it because I felt guilty as she was looking at me very excited and happy.

Peace outtttt!


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  1. Oh Marvel, you are looking HANDSOME in that bottom picture! If you just be patient with the evil eye treat stare, even if they move, stay with them … keep staring. They will give in. Be stubborn boy. You can do it. See you later buddy *wag wag wag*

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