Over the last two weeks we have had several bbq’s and people coming over to visit. He has been so behaved every time, surprised us both. A couple of times he’s had big bones to distract him and sometimes he’s just been playing on his own or trying to be sociable with people.

We’ve bought him a harness now, I don’t like it when he gets too excited on walks when we are headed back home and really pulls in the collar. Looks bad, and it’s not good for his neck and throat! So for now, while he is still small-ish, a harness is awesome. We put it on him the first time and he was bothered for about a minute, then it was all forgotten. It’s still a tiny bit large but I ordered the smallest big size, he will grow into it very fast.
Now he looks like a little marine dog running around, with missing and halfgrown teeth!
He’s 14 weeks tomorrow and has lost a few teeth already, the two front ones both upstairs and downstairs.
He is so much better on walks now, he will try to pull forwards a couple of times, but then he walks very nicely after that. He is now alot more curious when people are walking towards us and rather pulls towards them than away from them.

We’ve met Tygra, the staff lady a couple of times more, and also Dexter, the other staff:
Indoors he is still a challenge at times, he is not happy when he doesn’t get his way when we are eating or walking through the garden. We are still sticking with the timout leash and it works ok.

We are starting puppy class tonight, eeeek! I’ve been drying chicken necks to have a treat to bring that he actually wants, so we’ll see how it goes. He is good at home, but it’s always harder outside the house!


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  1. Just thought I’d pop over and sniff you out Marvel, maybe pee on your wall. I pull a lot when I’m on the way home too. I’ve been told its just because I’m a puppy and I’m excited about being back in my territory as I feel safe there. Apparantly, when we get older we’ll never want to go home and want to stay out all the time instead. *waggy tail*

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