12 weeks


Today I got a visit from a Norwegian woman I know from a Norwegian dog forum, and we went to Pets at Home. I bought lots more than I planned to, a toy, lots of treats etc.
I was SO close to buying him a big soft bed, but managed to control myself!

He was very good on his morning walk today, no whining when we walked away from the house, and behaved nicely on the leash on the way back towards the house.

I was hoping Marvel had been sleeping while we were at Pets at Home, but Steve said he had been a bit restless and moving between sun and shade, so he was tired when we got home. He got an antler and played for a while with Karianne’s hands and then eventually fell asleep. He behavied very well and enjoyed his new ball.


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  1. Han er så herlig! Elsker boerboel og store, tunge raser generelt. Men BB’en er ikke alltid så homogen, så de kan bli så forskjellige når de vokser til. Gleder meg til å følge med på hvordan Marvel blir, han har jo et veldig godt utgangspunkt da, med nydelige foreldre og han er jo mer enn bare pen allerede nå :))

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