Yesterday Marvel and I went for a walk to the Thames (I feel like that will become the most typed sentence on this blog!) again. We’d only gotten onto the walkway next to the river when we met a guy with a little mix breed male dog which looked old and it was off the leash, very well behaved. I asked if it was friendly and he said yes, the dog was calm so we went to say hello. He was 7 years old and a good example. Marvel was super happy with meeting someone his own size and tried to play with the old man, which wasn’t too interested in him. They sniffed about for a bit and then we said goodbye while things were still going well.
Socialization wise it’s progressing, he is less sceptical of people now and more inclined to walk towards them than shying away from them. “Hopefully” our next problem will rather be pulling on the leash than being worried about items and creatures.

In the evening we had some friends (5) come over for some wine, an interesting experience for Marvel who’s never seen anyone inside our house for more than five minutes. He was absolutely extatic and ofc wanted to eat the shoes of our friend that was a bit scared of him. We had to watch him with hawk eyes, but he was not really any worse than when he is home alone with us, just trying on the same thing with more people really. He did not go into “frenzy mode” which was a relief as I wanted him to make a good impression on our friends 😉 But you never know with puppies. He had a couple of time outs and it worked allright. After about 1,5-2 hours he fell asleep on the rug with one of our friends sitting with him lying between her legs.

Today he was tired when he woke up and he’s been quite a handfull during the day. Steve and I went to the Thames walkway around 8PM and we met a nice little staff-mix bitch that was 8 years old. She was very well trained and socialized and the owner told us she’s helped play with and socialize most of the dogs that live in our area. Good to see him get yet another good experience with a dog. After that we turned back home and we met some kids that were running like madmen down the pavement, they asked if they could pet him and that was ok. He was already quite interested in them. The two boys were fantastic with him, very natural behaviour with dogs (they said they’ve got a dogge de bordeaux at home), one of them even laid down on the ground and had Marvel crawling all over him! Ahh, them days where you were a kid and you would lie down on random places like a pavement…hehe.
Came home, he went ballistic in the garden with a plastic plant pot and now he’s crashed out, sleeping.


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