Home alone


Yesterday was good, he got two short walks just around the streets of Camelot Close and one longer one that was about 20 minutes of slow walking and seeing people along the Thames. He did really well on two of them and was a tad whiny on the first short one in the morning. I think he’s like me, he needs a bit of time to wake up!
With my first dog I never really realized they might be grumpy if they are too hungry, spend time waking up after a sleep etc. With Marvel it’s quite easy to see that he’s still in a cloud of sleep in the morning, his face is groggy and sleepy.

It was also the first time home alone today for him, preferably we’d have more time to take it gradually but sometimes life get’s in the way. We both took him out around the close in the morning and then I left him in the crate in the bedroom and left. He had a fresh bone and the radio on. When I left he was quiet and he was also quiet when I came back. That was quite relieving, worst case scenario would have been if he was hysterical and had rearranged his crate and was still crying. Even the towel in the crate was untouched and he had his sleepyface on!

Our long walk today was a great success and it pleased me to see him more confident and wanting to greet people and go towards them instead of pulling away from them. We met a French bulldog male that he got to sniff, and lots of people that wanted to greet and pet him. Even a lady with a bicycle which was great, he has not “met” lots of bicycles yet.

We are still working on the timeouts in the evening, he gets overtired and then eventually collapses on the floor. If he only knew that one day he will be alloved on the sofa, he’d maybe stop trying so hard! 🙂
Started a little bit of contact training today and he seems to be grasping the concept fairly quickly.


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