A walk at noon


Went for a walk all three of us today, over to the Thames again. There’s always people walking on the walkway there so it’s a good place to socialize. He did loads better today, only looked back towards the house a couple of times and other than that realized that forwards is the way to go.
We got to say hello to a man and a woman with a scary carrier bag, he is a funny one because the second people leave him he wants to go with them. I reckon as long as we keep progressing like this we will overcome this issue quite soon.
His sense of direction is quite good and as soon as we are two streets away from our house he starts pulling like crazy, so trying to work on that AND ending our walks on a positive note!

I’ve also ordered a sample pack of different raw food, looking forward to feeding it to him! He’s currently getting both kibble and a bit of raw (tripe and mince mainly and also tried a couple of sachets of Nature’s Menu etc).  With time we wanna move over to completely raw but I feel like we need more knowledge in the area before we are able to put together a complete diet ourselves. Can’t wait to feed him rabbits, feet, bones and more meat, it’s lovely watching them eat something they truly enjoy.

He’s been trolling about today with the sofa, jumping on it and then chewing on me when he doesn’t get his way. So we’ve had a few timeouts in the kitchen.

Steve and Marvel:


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