Boerboel Marvel


It’s day four of our new life!

So far he is very good indoors, except for when he’s tired or in the morning when he’s woken up and needs to release energy. The most popular target is the sofa! He is so agile and athletic he has got no problem whatsoever with jumping straight onto the sofa, he doesn’t even need to climb or drag himself up. We’ve found that the most effective punishment when he doesn’t listen to our warnings is a timout in the kitchen (he gets three chances before he goes in the kitchen). He’s learning which is nice, no one likes having a warzone in their livingroom!
We can’t complain, obviously any puppy will misbehave at certain times during the day, so we’re just working on picking certain behaviours off him. He’s got a strong opinion of what he wants, so it’s a battle of wills! 😀

Outdoors he is a bit more of a chicken, he is a bit unsure of new things and his back fur stands straight in the air if there’s something he’s reacting to.
So far our strategy is to ignore silly behaviour, stopping every 5 metres to look back is not an option, and we just pass people and objects and reward good behaviour. He’s allowed to check things out but not stand and stare for ages.

On our way back in this morning we met the neighbour and her JRT bitch, she said hello to Marvel and he was mega happy! Ahh it warmed my heart seeing his tail in the air, wagging about, checking out the neighbour. We’ve greeted a couple of people on the street before, but today he was alot more confident and interested which is good.

Now he’s been asleep for 1,5 hours so I expect he’ll wake up soon and be ready for some more mischief!


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